SSC CHSL (Tier – 1) Online Exam Paper – 2017 “held on 04 March 2018” Morning Shift (General Awareness)

SSC CHSL Morning Shift General Awareness 2018

Hello Friends, आज मै आपके लिये SSC CHSL Morning Shift General Awareness 2018  ले कर आया हु |SSC CHSL Morning Shift General Awareness 2018 English  भाषा मै है | आप SSC CHSL Morning Shift General Awareness 2018 हमारी वेबसाइट से फ्री में पढ़ सकते है| तो दोस्तों आप  SSC CHSL Morning Shift General Awareness 2018 उपयोग करे और ज्यादा से ज्यादा हमारी वेबसाइट को शेयर करे जिससे की और लोगो तक हमारी वेबसाइट पहुंचे और उन्हें इसका लाभ मिल सके | अगर आपके पास कोई सुझाव या शिकायत है तो आप हमें हमारी मेल id [email protected] पर मेल कर सकते है| हम आपके उज्जवल भविष्य की कामना करते है|

SSC CHSL Morning Shift General Awareness 2018

SSC CHSL Morning Shift General Awareness 2018


SSC CHSL Morning Shift General Awareness 2018

SSC CHSL Morning Shift General Awareness 2018
SSC CHSL Morning Shift General Awareness 2018

SSC CHSL Morning Shift General Awareness 2018

SSC CHSL Morning Shift General Awareness 2018 March 04

SSC CHSL Morning Shift General Awareness 2018 exam paper for all oneday exam .

SSC CHSL Morning Shift General Awareness 2018

QID : 1 – The competitive position of a company can be improved by ___________.

1) increasing the selling price
2) reducing the margin of profit
3) ignoring competitors
4) understanding and fulfilling customers needs

Correct Answer: understanding and fulfilling customers needs

QID : 2 – Deficit financing means the government borrows money from the ___________.

1) International Monetary Fund
2) Ministry of Finance
3) Reserve Bank of India
4) World Trade Organization

Correct Answer: Reserve Bank of India

QID : 3 – Which of the following information is found in Ashoka’s inscriptions?

1) Life story
2) Internal policy
3) Foreign policy
4) All option are correct.

Correct Answer: All option are correct.

QID : 4 – Bahadur Shah, the ruler of Gujarat was killed in a conflict with which of the following?

1) Dutch
2) English
3) Portuguese
4) French

Correct Answer: Portuguese

QID : 5 – Which part of the Earth has the abundance of nickel and iron?

4) No option is correct.

Correct Answer: NIFE

QID : 6 – Konkan coast is stretched from where to where?

1) Goa to Kochi
2) Goa to Diu
3) Daman to Goa
4) Goa to Mumbai

Correct Answer: Daman to Goa

QID : 7 – Which of the following pair is NOT matched correctly?

1) Bharatanatyam – Tamilnadu
2) Kathakali – Karnataka
3) Odissi – Odisha
4) Kuchipudi – Andhra Pradesh

Correct Answer: Kathakali – Karnataka

QID : 8 – How much water has been allowed to India for irrigation, power generation and transport purposes from Indus river?

1) 10%
2) 15%
3) 20%
4) 25%

Correct Answer: 20%

QID : 9 – Who among the following was NOT one of the recipients of Dronacharya Award for the year 2017?

1) R. Gandhi
2) Prashant Singh
3) Heera Nand Kataria
4) Sanjay Chakarvorthy

Correct Answer: Prashant Singh

QID : 10 – China has the longest border with which of the following country?

1) Russia
2) India
3) Myanmar
4) Mongolia

Correct Answer: Mongolia

QID : 11 –  Which of the following statement(s) is/are CORRECT?

I. Bakelite is a good conductor of heat.
II. Bakelite is a poor conductor of electricity.
III. Bakelite can be softened by heating.

1) Only I and II
2) Only I and III
3) Only II
4) All I, II and III

Correct Answer: Only II

QID : 12 – Which of the following has minimum ignition temperature?

1) Petrol
2) Plastic
3) Wood
4) Paper

Correct Answer: Petrol

QID : 13 – Which Article of Indian Constitution empowers Indian Parliament to amend the constitution?

1) Article 368
2) Article 252
3) Article 254
4) Article 256

Correct Answer: Article 368

QID : 14 – Which part of Indian constitution deals with Union Territories?

1) Part VI
2) Part VII
3) Part VIII
4) Part IX

Correct Answer: Part VIII

QID : 15 – The rhythmic contraction of the lining of muscles of canal to push the food along the gut is called ______.

1) peristalsis
2) facilitation
3) guttation
4) No option is correct.

Correct Answer: peristalsis

QID : 16 – Which of the following represents the pair of sex chromosomes in men?

1) XY
2) XX
3) YY
4) No option is correct.

Correct Answer: XY

QID : 17 – How much amount has been reserved for the ‘National Biopharma Mission’ named ‘i3’ by the Government of India?

1) USD 250 million
2) USD 350 million
3) USD 500 million
4) USD 150 million

Correct Answer: USD 250 million

QID : 18 – Scientists of which country have developed working human skeletal muscle from stem cells in the laboratory for the first time?

1) China
2) Japan
3) India
4) United States of America

Correct Answer: United States of America

QID : 19 – In July 2017, how much revised cost was approved for the cost Socio Economic and Caste Census 2011 (SECC 2011)?

1) Rs 4893 crore
2) Rs 7983 crore
3) Rs 9893 crore
4) Rs 10,000 crore

Correct Answer: Rs 4893 crore

QID : 20 – From May 2017, the Real Estate Act has come into effect. Under the Act, the Regulatory Authorities are required to dispose of complaints in how many days?

1) 60
2) 30
3) 45
4) 90

Correct Answer: 60

QID : 21 – A body of mass 4 kg accelerates from 15 m/s to 25 m/s in 5 seconds due to the application of a force on it. Calculate the magnitude of this force (in N).

1) 32
2) 8
3) 16
4) 64

Correct Answer: 8

QID : 22 – During __________ motion of an object along a straight line, the change in velocity of the object for any time interval is zero.

1) linear
2) translational
3) equilibrium
4) uniform

Correct Answer: uniform

QID : 23 – The tropical rainforests __________________.

1) are dry and hot
2) are in the coastal regions only
3) are mostly covered in snow
4) get plenty of rainfall

Correct Answer: get plenty of rainfall

QID : 24 – Which of the statements given below are correct?

A) Valentino Rossi won the Motorcycle race 2017 Dutch TT MotoGP.
B) United Kingdom hosted the Table Tennis 2017 ITTF Women’s World Cup.
C) In 2017, Glenn Maxwell captained the IPL team Kings XI Punjab.

1) A and B
2) B and C
3) A and C
4) A, B and C

Correct Answer: A and C

QID : 25 – In Microsoft Word, under character formatting ___________ is used to underline some particular text.

1) Font style
2) Underline
3) Effects
4) Size

Correct Answer: Underline


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